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Things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

Desperately seeking more storage space in your bedroom? You’re not alone. Wardrobes across the UK are bursting with clothes, shoes and whatever else we can cram in. Freestanding wardrobes compound the problem because they don’t make the most of space or allow for customisation.

A simple way to boost your bedroom storage is with built-in wardrobes. They instantly create more space – three times more, to be exact – and are available in sizes and finishes to suit all sorts of spaces.

You’ll get more space

Freestanding wardrobes have gaps above and to the side that are crying out to be filled with knickknacks and dust. In contrast, fitted wardrobes can be tailored to fit the full height of the room. Even if a bedroom is an awkward shape, a fitted wardrobe can turn even the tightest corner into a workable home for belongings.

You’re making an investment

Now for the bad news. Unlike a freestanding wardrobe, you can’t take a fitted wardrobe with you when you move house. However, there’s a silver lining, 'your investment is always recouped when you sell your house because of the premium that buyers put on storage, especially in London homes,'.

Choose from all budget levels

There’s a vast range of designs ranging in price. This would allow practically anyone to be able to get fitted wardrobes. The price usually changes depending on the materials which are used for the wardrobe and depends on features as such as whether the doors have backing etc. On the brighter note, at range we can always help you out with this issue as 'we guarantee to beat any like for like quote'.

Future proofing will keep the look fresh

If you want to keep things simple, choose a company that will manage the work from concept to completion, and that will help with design and installation. This can avoid costly mistakes as well as stress.

Given that fitted wardrobes are a long-lasting solution, it’s essential you choose a future-proofed option that you know will still suit your personal taste in years to come. We’d advise determining the colour palette of your room before you start adding different furniture elements. For further great advice, contact us at Range.

Doors make a difference

Think about the size and shape of your bedroom as well as your personal preference when you’re choosing wardrobe doors. If you’re short on space, opt for sliding or bi-fold doors so you don’t need as much room for them to open.

Small bedrooms also benefit from mirrored doors, as they create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floorspace.

Made to measure means just that

Does the room include coving or skirting boards? If yes, then ensure you provide the dimensions of any fixed details that are protruding. They’ll alter how the back of your wardrobe is designed, so must be accommodated to make a flush, tailor-made finish.

Do any electrical plugs need moving before installation? If moving an outlet is just not possible, then bespoke fitted furniture will provide a solution to conceal unsightly wires, cables or controls for integral lighting as well as maintain easy access. Just make sure you mention these requirements at time of concept.

Choose interior options to suit your lifestyle

The inside of your wardrobe must be as beautiful as the outside. Make sure you choose a company that offers the right range of options for your specific storage needs.

'Whether you have an abundance of tailored suits or a passion for the occasional Jimmy Choo, there’s a variety of hidden-away or display options to suit you and your lifestyle'

Ask about hanging rails, shoe and trouser racks, and specialist pull-out shelving to suit your needs. Some companies also offer space for media devices and integral illumination.

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